Falling for Bushwick

26 10 2009

Who says you can only see beautiful fall foliage only in Upstate New York. Check out the Project Peace Media Collective Fall Foliage Photography!
Photography by:Brittney Williams, Stevenson Catul, Ronald Smith and Diego Guzman


Rice & Beans or Peas and Rice?

22 10 2009

Which one do you like better? Check out
a preview of our new video:
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Bushwick’s Back!

7 10 2009

Welcome to Bushwick!

16 03 2009


The Project Peace Media Collective, “I Am Not My Hair” Photo Shoot

13 01 2009


Project Peace Media Collective is featured @ Apple Store in Soho!

7 11 2008

The Project Peace Media Collective presented their work from Fall 2008 at the Apple Store in Soho, New York. The following members of the collective presented their pieces:Carizma Pinney, Kashiera Franklyn, Madelyn Romero, Jessica Colon and Tatiana Colon. The students were given certificates and t-shirts after their presentations by the Apple store for their amazing projects!

Project Peace Media Collective

The Power of Voting

24 10 2008

On October 17,2008, the Project Peace Media Collective visted Arlene Hendricks at the Carousel Childrens Center.Ms.Hendricks has been an educator for over 50 years and spoke to the group about her experiences as a teacher during the civil rights movement and why the presidential election is important and historical.

Rock the Vote

11 09 2008

The BCCP @ Bushwick Campus is encouraging all 18 year olds to register to vote. The deadline to be eligible to vote for the November 4th election is October 10, 2008.

Rock the Vote, powered by Credo Mobile

Racial Profiling PSA

2 11 2009

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A Brooklynite Answers a Call to Help Her Community

26 05 2009

Jennifer Daniels sat at her desk about three weeks ago and a vision popped in her head to provide free prom dresses to girls in need. The Project Peace Media Collective was lucky enough to interview the organizer of the  Princess Chambers event.   With a vision, anything is possible to achieve.

Here is a preview of our piece:

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Gentrification Preview

21 05 2009

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Hope is alive and well in Bushwick

21 05 2009

Hope is alive and well in Bushwick!
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